Empowering strong, creative women to own their worth, so they can create sustainable businesses and meaningful relationships around who they are.

Are you ready to break free?
Is this your watershed moment?

There comes a time, when it is no longer acceptable to live within the confines of conditioning that does not support the blossoming of all that you are.  Are you there?

Welcome! I’m Michelle and I’m so glad you’ve arrived.

If you’ve been longing to align your business and life with your deepest internal truth I can help.

Are you are exploring empowerment in any of these areas?

  • Releasing your money blocks and healing your money shadows
  • Empowering your self-worth and self-confidence
  • Identifying your unique path to a sustainable business
  • Reclaiming your true gifts and strengths
  • Mastering generative communication
  • Take chances and risks to change your business or life
  • Navigating transition with resilience

It’s difficult, if not impossible to free yourself without support.

We can only change what we can see, and most often we can’t see our own blind spots.

With intuition honed throughout my lifetime, the wisdom that is only born through many initiations, years of spiritual practice and a huge transformational toolbox, I’ll help you discover courage you did not know you have, so you can create positive change you did not think possible.

Reclaiming your unbridled truth is the gift of a lifetime.
Let’s embark on the most meaningful path you will ever walk, together.

What’s money got to do with it?

Our relationship with money is about so much more than money! It’s the tip of a big iceberg.

Our money mindset impacts how we give and receive to ourselves and others, what we value and invest in, what we believe we deserve, and what we allow ourselves to achieve.
As women, we tend to convert the messages we receive about money into beliefs about our worthiness. When those distorted beliefs drive our decisions, growing a sustainable business can feel like a free fall, or even worse… a collision course.  Can you relate?

The truth is it’s impossible to actualize our soul’s calling and live our richest life while feeling hostage to a limiting money story.

The good news is that within every limiting belief, your genius is hiding right around the corner, begging to emerge!

Whether we partner through one-on-one coaching, an intimate coaching group, a workshop, or a retreat… these agreements will help you to experience your own life-changing results!

Our Creed

C ommit to 100% responsibility for our own life.

R emember our truth, free of the stories that have held us hostage.

E mbody our communication, to live in integrity with our word and strengthen our relationships.

A lign our money mindset with our spiritual, personal and professional goals.

T rust ourselves deeply.

O ptimize our plan for radical self-care.

R eceive the prosperity that is our birthright.

“I recently sold my business after experiencing personal challenges and was looking for a new direction. As I was working with Michelle on what is preventing me from moving forward, I had a breakthrough. I uncovered a fear and a sadness around something I never even considered before!  I could feel it holding me back, but I didn’t realize what it was until my conversation with Michelle. It instantly became clear why I wasn’t moving forward with my next business idea, and this clarity gave me the confidence to make a decision. It was brilliant because I never verbalized this fear before. Thank you Michelle! It was SO tremendously helpful! I immediately got into action after our call.”

Milana Leshinsky,
Founder, Simplicity Circle

Learn your money archetype and empower your relationship with money

Joyce Marthaller, Canandaigua, New York

Let’s keep in touch!


Listen to Michelle talk about

  • Why healing your relationship to money will empower, your business, your relationships, and your well-being.
  • How Michelle empowered her own money story.
  • Your first step to transform your relationship to money.

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Sustainability is Sexy

Several years ago, after investing much time and money in multiple coaching credentials I emerged ready, willing and able to share my hard-won life wisdom and huge toolbox with women eager to discover their own unbridled truth.

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While running an errand, I noticed a beautiful Native American beaded necklace in a store. It was large and striking, almost ceremonial looking, definitely a statement piece. I was deeply drawn to it, on a soul level.

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“Michelle’s teachings are LIFE CHANGING. I’ve been working one-on-one with Michelle for the past few months to identify my money archetype (I’m a Ruler) and uncover my money shadows. Frankly, our work together has released me from limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had.  I truly didn’t think I had any issues with money. I’ve been making six figures since negotiating a $27,000 raise back in 2010. After I left that job to strike out on my own, I quickly ramped back up to six figures. And I’ve never looked back. With Michelle’s expert help – and amazing intuitive guidance – I’ve learned that I was blocking myself in ways I didn’t even realize. My work with Michelle has given me the courage and confidence to go BIGGER than I ever imagined.  And it’s shown me how to use my natural money strengths to build the ideal business for me. It’s even helped me effectively talk money with my husband – no fighting or hurt feelings! – and make our marriage stronger than ever!”

Julie Weinen Withrow

“As a coach myself, I deeply believe that talking with another coach can help me stay in the flow as I grow my practice.  Well, I was stuck in a big way on an emotional level when I met Michelle. I had no idea what was holding me back from moving my business forward and Michelle helped me bring the issue out of the shadows and into the light.  The amazing part is that it happened so quickly.  A huge weight was lifted for me.  Michelle helped me to integrate my shadow into my life, so it was no longer a sticking point!

With Michelle’s guidance, I was able to make plans for my coaching practice that previously caused me great concern—could I really do this?  I was no longer fearful, but full of confidence.  I’m so grateful for Michelle’s intuitive approach, broad use of coaching techniques and for her kind heart.”

María Tomás-Keegan
Life Transition Coach for Woman

Money Mastery, Reinvention, Resilience

If you would like to explore working together, please click to contact me or feel free to call me at 585-935-1596.