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I could feel it holding me back, but I didn’t realize what it was until my conversation with Michelle.

“I recently sold my business after experiencing personal challenges and was looking for a new direction. As I was working with Michelle on what is preventing me from moving forward, I had a breakthrough. I uncovered a fear and a sadness around something I never even considered before! I could feel it holding me back, but I didn’t realize what it was until my conversation with Michelle. It instantly became clear why I wasn’t moving forward with my next business idea, and this clarity gave me the confidence to make a decision. It was brilliant because I never verbalized this fear before. Thank you Michelle! It was SO tremendously helpful! I immediately got into action after our call.”

Milana Leshinsky

Founder, Simplicity Circle

Michelle’s teachings are LIFE CHANGING.

“Michelle’s teachings are LIFE CHANGING. I’ve been working one-on-one with Michelle for the past few months to identify my money archetype (I’m a Ruler) and uncover my money shadows. Frankly, our work together has released me from limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had. I truly didn’t think I had any issues with money. I’ve been making six figures since negotiating a $27,000 raise back in 2010. After I left that job to strike out on my own, I quickly ramped back up to six figures. And I’ve never looked back. With Michelle’s expert help – and amazing intuitive guidance – I’ve learned that I was blocking myself in ways I didn’t even realize. My work with Michelle has given me the courage and confidence to go BIGGER than I ever imagined. And it’s shown me how to use my natural money strengths to build the ideal business for me. It’s even helped me effectively talk money with my husband – no fighting or hurt feelings! – and make our marriage stronger than ever!”

Julie Weinen Withrow

I now make decisions from a place of self-trust and clarity.

When I began working with Michelle, I was recently retired from a successful career. My life revolved around my family’s needs and fear and anxiety about whether or not I would have enough money. I was uncertain regarding what kind of life I wanted to create for myself, or how to go about it.

Through the coaching process with Michelle, I can barely believe the changes that have occurred within me and in my life. I now make decisions from a place of self -trust and clarity. The new decisions I make, open space and are changing the trajectory of my life in major ways. I am creating a life based on happiness rather than fear. I found my true voice, and by strengthening this voice and communicating in an empowered way, my relationships have been transformed and I have achieved unexpected results.

I thought the coaching with Michelle was going to be only about money, but it is so much bigger!

I feel like I’ve got my life back and there is so much opportunity for me. This has been an amazing process. I’m going to tell all my friends about Michelle, because this work is so powerful.

Linda M., New York, NY

Tools that are empowering and sustainable.

Michelle has helped me to recognize deep seeded patterns that no longer serve me and provided me with tools that are empowering and sustainable. My old patterns of doubt, insecurity, feelings of being overwhelmed, and runaway emotions are being replaced with patience, curiosity, belief, observation and grounded-ness.

Many of the ideas and goals I have had for myself as an artist no longer feel unattainable or overwhelming. Through my sessions with Michelle, I reached a level of confidence, and decided to leave a work environment that no longer supported my vision. I have started my own business and I’m discovering new ways to generate revenue directly related to my greatest passion, my art. I have reestablished my teaching schedule, host open house events, enter exhibitions to showcase my art, have a new website and blog, have raised my fees, and I’m spending more time in my studio and selling a lot of my original artwork!” 

Michelle provides me with resources that have shifted my perspective. The steps I am taking support me in all areas of my life and it is exciting to see how things are evolving. 

I will always think of Michelle as a midwife in this process.

Kathryn Bevier, Rochester, NY

No one had ever given me such tough love, and it made all the difference.

I continue to feel more alive and aware as the result of our latest sessions. I am so thankful you called me on my stuff – storytelling. No one had ever given me such tough love, and it has made all the difference.

Now there is nowhere to hide and really no reason to hide anymore. What was so wonderful about your gift to me was that you didn’t leave me with nowhere to go once I faced my fear and other assorted baggage. But you asked me what I knew to be true, which led me to “capable” and my love letter. I found my truest self, and could rest in the knowledge of my gifts of strength, power and beauty. I am most grateful. Blessings to you, Jean Stephens

Jean K Stephens, artist, Honeoye Falls, NY

Works Road Studio

Long before our Discovery Session was over, it was clear to me that she was the perfect coach for what “ailed” me.

As a coach myself, I deeply believe that talking with another coach can help me stay in the flow as I grow my practice.  Well, I was stuck in a big way on an emotional level when I met Michelle. Long before our Discovery Session was over, it was clear to me that she was the perfect coach for what “ailed” me.  We connected in many ways—spiritually, emotionally and practically.

I had no idea what was holding me back from moving my business forward and Michelle helped me bring the issue out of the shadows and into the light.  The amazing part is that it happened so quickly—it started revealing itself in the second session and was fully revealed by the third one.  A huge weight was lifted for me.  The heaviness in my chest got so much lighter—and as the days and weeks went on, it disappeared entirely.  Michelle helped me to integrate what was my shadow into my life, so it was no longer a sticking point!

From there, with Michelle’s guidance, I was able to make plans for my coaching practice that previously caused me great concern—could I really do this?  I was no longer fearful, but full of confidence.  I’m so grateful for Michelle’s intuitive approach, broad use of coaching techniques (based on her multiple certified modalities) and for her kind heart.  Feeling safe with a coach is the ultimate experience we can ask for.  With Michelle, I’m safe and sound!

María Tomás-Keegan

Divorce Recovery Coach & Mentor for Women,

From the first private coaching session, I felt an awakening, and I have been able to implement strategies in my personal, spiritual, financial and professional life that have led to massive results.

I had the fortune to meet Michelle during the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in 2015, at Reed College. She was teaching “Developing a Culture of Resiliency”. I felt an instant connection. From the first session with Michelle, I noticed her truthfulness and ability to identify my needs. Within a short period my mindset started shifting. I quickly incorporated change in my behavior and actions. Later in our work together, I decided to cross the country and traveled from Portland, OR to Rochester, NY, and participated in a retreat led by her. It was an amazing experience, full of richness and awakening. Michelle is simply the BEST!!!

Through her coaching, I felt awakening, and I have been able to implement strategies in my personal, spiritual, financial and professional life that have led to massive results. I no longer feel victim of any situation despite how hard it may appear. I allow myself to dream and be creative and take action on my ideas. I have removed my old glasses of scarcity, and l live in an abundance mindset. I pursue my purpose daily, enjoy helping others just being myself, and enjoy the abundance that comes with that. I knew that THAT PILAR was within me, I had just forgotten her. Michelle helped me to find myself and to stay present. Things have always been there for me. I am now awake to see them and put them into action.

Pilar Montejo, Portland, Oregon 2016

Michelle’s evaluation of my Money Archetypes was really ‘spot on’! If you are interested in understanding what lies beneath your attitudes and relationship with money then this is your chance to excavate those secrets. Michelle deftly supports a dialogue with self which reveals what really is going on in our inner world. I cracked that illusory world today and know that I’m on to something life changing.

Joyce Marthaller, Canandaigua, New York

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Michelle. She really got to the core of my money ‘tendencies’ and did so in a direct yet tender way. Money can be such a sensitive subject and Michelle’s sensitivity to this was felt and very much appreciated. She also gave great tactical tips to work with my money archetypes and to address the areas that need work. Thanks Michelle for your guidance!

Jenn Aubert, Cofounder and CEO

Our discussion with you about these archetypes was fascinating, but more importantly, between my wife and I, have shown me things I can do to be a better partner, a better saver, and a better steward to the time we have here on earth. BTW – our checking account has been growing since your workshop – proof the seeds you helped plant are taking root.

John Bevier, Rochester New York

Becoming aware of the areas where I had been living unconsciously in regard to money, has become truly liberating. Moving into my expanded awareness of money has brought joy, freedom…and fun! This is amazing work! This was one of the best gifts I’ve given myself.

Cheryl Wilson, Hudson River Valley, New York

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