Resilient Leadership Training

dc492a_b1db7aca1eddfa8bdba68b4e3bca4b13Trust Change Resilient Leadership Training
is founded on the evidence based research
that confirms we are wired to grow stronger
through challenge and change.


“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails. That’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics, and it’s true in the boardroom.” Dean Becker, Harvard Business Review

To hear Michelle discuss 3 Key Resilience Power Principles, listen to her interview on "The Gift of Choice" podcast here.


Over 70% of organizational change initiatives fail because leaders neglect the people side of change. We are working within a time of unprecedented, nonstop change. Resilient Leadership Training provides tools for leaders to strengthen and maintain their own resilience and foster a shift in their teams, from a victim mindset, to empowered, self-accountable, proactive behavior.

Resilient Leadership seminars foster candid exploration and interactive, experiential learning. Participants leave with functional strategies and transformational practices that can be implemented immediately.


Let’s build a resilience program that emphasizes the competencies important to your organization.

  • Individual and organizational resilience
  • Team-building
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Post-traumatic growth
  • Personal and professional transitions
  • Workforce wellness
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Effective Conversations
  • Managing with Questions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mindful Empathy
  • Change Mastery
  • Resilience and Neuroscience

It is a pleasure recommending Michelle Atlas, especially as a trainer in areas related to resiliency and people skills. Until recently, I served as Training and Organization Development Director for Cascade, which has over 540 member organizations. One of my roles is certifying facilitators for the Resiliency Center, which was founded by my friend and colleague of 30 years, the late Dr. Al Siebert.  I have also taught for 12 colleges and universities and know positive energy, caring insight and talented leadership when I see it. Michelle has all of those. Her training generates evaluation comments that are tremendously appreciative. She listens carefully, melds her opinions with others thoughtfully and goes the extra mile to serve excellently. She will under-promise and over-deliver. And she has her own resiliency stories to tell.

Glen Fahs, PhD,

Leadership Facilitator/Trainer/Coach/Speaker, Cascade Employers Association

Resilient Leadership Coaching


There is tremendous power inside of each one of us, to live in ways that can greatly benefit ourselves and others. One-on-one and group coaching provides a powerful forum to explore difficulties and integrate meaning and learning, so that challenges become valuable opportunities to achieve your next level of excellence.

What if you could…?

  • Have more effective conversations
  • Effectively manage change
  • Foster cohesive teamwork
  • Increase self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Effectively navigate difficult relationships
  • See existing challenges with new eyes
  • Transform to your next level of personal and professional excellence
  • Learn to manage with questions
  • Set tangible goals and commit to new actions

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When Michelle questioned my limiting behaviors, I discovered learning blocks and worked past them. Michelle’s coaching techniques not only open my world but enable me to be a better leader. Our conversations force me to look past the black and white of situations and as a result I see the world in a more open way. I have found value in things I did not before, I work more effectively with others and I’m able to lead in a more effective way.

Patricia Maier

Office of National Health Care Reform, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan

What Leaders Say:

“I can tell that the presenter actually lives by what she is teaching, and that makes the course better than words can explain.”

“I will use many of the techniques Ms. Atlas taught. I particularly enjoyed her anecdotes and upbeat view of life. She was very sensitive to the students and really helped us all participate in the learning.”

“Great experience, audience participation was great.”

“I was really impressed with the material; it’s relevance to my agency and today’s workforce in general, as well as your presentation style. I hope to attend more training with you in the future!”

“Really appreciate the facilitator’s expertise, sensitive approach to sharing information and responding to participants! Thank you for the effort on this!”

“Great facilitator in the design of the program, presenting material and eliciting proactive conversation among strangers, because you created a safe environment, wow!!”

“The facilitator was very respectful in hearing/listening to audience responses/comments, very sensitive to the different emotional states (anger, upset, coping, thriving, etc.) of attendees.”

“Wonderful. Inspiring.”

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