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IMG_0335 - CopyIt’s difficult to become your true self, alone.

I love facilitating small group retreats. As a (deeply connecting, social) introvert myself, I thrive on the intimacy, depth and richness that can only occur in a one-on-one, or small group format. There is transformational magic in spending time in a beautiful location, away from our routine, with a small community of like-minded women. We can take a deep breath, and feel into the space of WHO WE REALLY ARE.


No matter how much excellent business/career mentoring you have received…

No matter how many relationship, or communication books you have read…

No matter how much money you have…

If the strongest relationship in your life is not with YOU, your success will not be sustainable

Unleashing Your Soul-Purpose and Cracking Your Money Code

Your soul purpose is the heart of your self-worth, true power, and the greatest gifts you offer the world. When you crack your money code you become free to express your greatest gifts and fulfill your deepest desires in every domain of your life.

Participants explored what holds them back from owning their worth and in their relationship with money. There were tears, laughter, and an insight hiding behind every beautiful autumn tree. They identified steps to bring the key areas of their life (spiritual values, personal growth, goals, professional goals, money mindset) into alignment, so they can freely and fully express their soul-purpose.

Life is too precious and too short to have missed out on being YOU.
Within your deepest dissatisfaction, your greatest gifts are begging to be expressed.


Appear successful on the outside, but you know deep in your heart there is more?glass-butterfly000064218105_Large

  • Longing to express your greatest gifts and strengths in EVERY part of YOUR life, but don’t know how?
  • Navigating an unexpected loss, challenge, or transition and feeling isolated and lost?
  • Unhappy in your job, and confused regarding your soul purpose, identity, and what to do next?
  • Struggling with what‘s holding you back in your relationship with money?
  • Feel lost in large group trainings and events?

I Have A Great Solution for You

You don’t have to wait until I offer another retreat to change your life.

After all, you might just be on the crest of one the most creative times of your life.

What will you do with this opportunity?

To discover the perfect approach for you, let’s do a complimentary Money Flow Breakthrough Session. Please help me get to know you by answering a few questions first. Click here for the questions.

divider   Michelle Atlas is an ICF Credentialed Coach, a Newfield Certified Coach, a Certified Resiliency Facilitator and a Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach, with over 20 years of experience inspiring people to successfully navigate change and stand in their value. With a thriving private transformational coaching practice, and leadership clients, including the Food & Drug Administration and the US Office of Personnel Management, she is recognized for her skillful, empowering, and intuitive approach to helping her clients become who they really are, and transform their relationship to prosperity, so they can create rich, fully expressed businesses, relationships and lives.


What Clients Say

“I am so thankful you called me on my stuff – storytelling.  No one had ever given me such tough love, and it has made all the difference.  Now there is nowhere to hide and really no reason to hide anymore.  What was so wonderful about your gift to me was that you didn’t leave me with nowhere to go once I faced my fear and other assorted baggage.  But you asked me what I knew to be true.  I found my truest self, and could rest in the knowledge of my gifts of strength, power and beauty. I am most grateful.”

Jean K Stephens, Artist, Works Road Studio, Honeoye Falls, NY

“In the retreat, through some practical exercises and open and honest communication, I was able to gain some clarity and awareness that has completely changed my life. Some of the benefits have been financial, and a lot of them have improved my relationships, but the most profound ones have been how I view my life. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough.”

Andy Rizos

“If you are interested in understanding what lies beneath your attitudes and relationship with money then this is your chance to excavate those secrets.  Michelle deftly supports a dialogue with self which reveals what really is going on in our inner world.  I cracked that illusory world today and know that I’m on to something life changing.”  

Joyce Marthaller, Canandaigua, New York

Images from the Prosperity Retreat, October 2015