While running an errand, I noticed a beautiful Native American beaded necklace in a store. It was large and striking, almost ceremonial looking, definitely a statement piece. I was deeply drawn to it, on a soul level.

Somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10 people started asking me if I had Native American blood. To my knowledge, I don’t, but in my soul, always felt a deep connection to something Native American.  I tried on the necklace and felt lit up, aligned and alive.

And then a barrage of sabotaging thoughts started firing… “You can’t wear this! You look like you’re wearing a costume. You’re going to attract a lot of attention. Who do you think you are to march around in something so showy!!??” That last one came straight from the belief system of my mother’s family.

I bet you know what I mean.

On the journey to wholeness, we may experience resonance with something that carries us beyond the walls of our conditioning and activates a desire to express ourselves in a way that feels risky, gutsy, or even taboo.

In order to protect ourselves from abandonment by those who told us that expressing our truth is self-centered, rather than self-actualizing, we develop false humility.

False humility shows up like thisYou can’t receive compliments. You downplay your gifts and strengths, don’t say what you want to say, don’t wear what you want to wear, don’t do the things that make your heart dance because they cost too much or appear like too much fun.

False humility also shows up like this You do not ask to be paid what your worth, you don’t speak at live events (even your own), you don’t market yourself effectively, you don’t honor your own time or boundaries. False humility can lead to a lack of self-leadership.

And like this; You are critical of others who are comfortable being center stage, wear beautiful (sometimes expensive) clothes and do not apologize for engaging in elaborate self-care practices.

False humility is kryptonite to abundance. It is virtually impossible to create wealth, let alone health and love (the other dimensions to true abundance) while hiding your true worth. The expression of your worthiness is “visibility”.

This is what being visible means to me…

  • Your inside matches your outside;  Your feelings and your beliefs match your words and your behavior, they are one and the same. This is part of how you are seen and heard for who you really are.
  • You own your worth; You area good receiver of others respect and compliments. When someone compliments you, you say thank you. You can hold your own greatness, your own genius (everyone has genius). You are also a good receiver of money.
  • You are willing to take risks and chances to change your life and share your brilliance; You express your wisdom and your gifts in ways that stretch you beyond your comfort zone. You are living your own creative life (which brings us to the next point).
  • You do not compare yourself to anyone else; Comparing is bull shit plain and simple! You have the courage to live YOUR life, to express YOUR medicine, to dance YOUR dance.

Comparing yourself is very painful. And it is a massive cop-out, a power leak like no other. It is a version of victim mentality… and empowered, conscious, creative women are anything but victims, right?

Transformative Tip

Take a moment and think about your definition of visibility…

When you hear the word visibility, what comes up for you?

Take a brutally honest, self- compassionate look at how you may be sabotaging your visibility in one insidious way or another?

We become visible when we reclaim every part of ourselves and share the gift of our wholeness with others.

To the visible expression of all you are!

Surprise yourself.  If not now when?

Love, Michelle

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PSS I bought the necklace :).