A couple of days ago, while running some errands, I stopped at Starbucks for tea. When I pulled into the parking lot, there were no spots to be found anywhere. My first thought was, I’m getting tea, here, NOW.” So, “created” a parking spot.

The moment I did, the perfect real parking spot opened up right near the door, in this gigantic, completely packed parking lot, and I moved right into it.

Life will always say yes to you, when you say yes to yourself. It’s physics, not fluff :-). Life will match your frequency, it’s a law of nature.

So how often do you take “no” for an answer, from yourself? And how often do you believe that someone, or some external circumstance is limiting your possibilities, in your business or life?

If you or a loved one had a serious illness and medicine was expensive, would you just say, “Oh well, I’ll just let them get sicker and sicker?” Or would you step up, get creative and say “I may not have all the answers right this second, but I’m going to figure out how to get medicine.” 

We hear a lot of talk about “prosperity consciousness”. Sometimes when a phrase is used frequently in the personal development industry, we assume that we know what it means and if we like the idea, we assume we are practicing it.

Prosperity consciousness isn’t just about thinking that prosperity is a good idea, or that we deserve more than we currently have.

Your prosperity consciousness is the degree to which you believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the unlimited abundance in the universe is available to YOU.

 3 life-changing questions

  1. What would you do differently if you believed this was true?
  2. What chances or risks would you take?
  3. Where would you say YES to yourself, and how might your life or business be different if you did?

Committed or interested?

When you’re committed to living your greatest life, your most fully expressed, beautiful, vibrant, effective life, you don’t take NO” for an answer and you don’t wait for a yes from something or someone outside of yourself.

When you say YES to your YES, you activate the “law of creation” and there’s truly no telling how GREAT things may become :).

To your deepest happiness and greatest success, Michelle