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“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.” Stephen Covey

If you want to break free of fear, confusion, self-doubt… and you’re ready to partner to create positive change in your life, business/career, and relationships, I can help.

Everything that you have ever wanted to experience already exists within you.

Your greatest challenges hold meaningful lessons about the genius within you that is right around the corner, waiting for the green light, so it can emerge.

Building your life and your business around the truth of who you are is easier than you may think.

It’s difficult to become your true self without support.

The coaching relationship is a nonjudgmental place, where you can:

  • Identify limiting (often unconscious) beliefs, so you can become free of unnecessary struggle and ultimately, make decisions that lead to greater fulfillment, effectiveness, and alignment with your deepest heartfelt values and goals.
  • Make mistakes and integrate new learning and meaning.
  • See existing challenges with new eyes, leading to a multitude of possibilities for new actions and new results.

Powerful shifts in how you feel about yourself and others and the achievement of your most valued goals are the hallmarks of effective coaching.

“I recently sold my business after experiencing personal challenges and was looking for a new direction. As I was working with Michelle on what is preventing me from moving forward, I had a breakthrough. I uncovered a fear and a sadness around something I never even considered before! I could feel it holding me back, but I didn’t realize what it was until my conversation with Michelle. It instantly became clear why I wasn’t moving forward with my next business idea, and this clarity gave me the confidence to make a decision. It was brilliant because I never verbalized this fear before. Thank you Michelle! It was SO tremendously helpful! I immediately got into action after our call.”

Milana Leshinsky

Founder, Simplicity Circle

Where are you called to a more fully expressed life?

Many of us arrive at a point in life, where we sense that we could be bringing a more authentic version of ourselves to the dance. Is there a dream you have always wanted to pursue? Are you ready to take the first step?

If you long to experience deeper alignment and meaning at work, in a relationship or in fulfilling your purpose, let’s partner to design your unique roadmap.

“I continue to feel more alive and aware as the result of our latest sessions. I am so thankful you called me on my stuff – storytelling. No one had ever given me such tough love, and it has made all the difference.”

Jean Stephens

Rochester, New York

Wisdom of the Phoenix

Life can deal unexpected or shocking events.

The good news is that when the impact of a change or loss, leaves you questioning the life you’ve been living, you have a powerful opportunity to discover the life you’ve always wanted. If you are navigating a significant change, whether it has arrived as an unanticipated, external event, or you are heeding a call from deep within, the right support can help you successfully navigate to the next shore.

Contact me, so we can discover the perfect approach for you. | 585-413- 3123

Learn your money archetype and empower your relationship with money

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Money Mastery Coaching

“You become mature when you become the authority in your own life.” Joseph Campbell

How we give and receive to ourselves and others, what we value and invest in, and how much we will allow ourselves to receive and experience, are all reflected in our relationship to money.

Most of us are living in alignment with our heartfelt goals and dreams in some areas of our life, and have unconscious, blind spots in other areas.

We all have money strengths and gifts, and we all have money challenges.

Would you like to stop trying to fit yourself into a box of what you think you “should” do money-wise, and instead, empower yourself to make money decisions with confidence and clarity?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, start-up business owner, corporate employee, professional in another sector, single, partnered, or about to retire, this program will give you specific tools to begin mastering money in your life, in your relationships, and in your business/career.


If you want…

  • To pinpoint your money blind spots and identify opportunities for empowering your financial decisions and your personal growth.
  • To learn key areas where you may be giving away your power with money, and identify steps you can take to own your value with confidence and clarity.
  • To have effective, uplifting conversations about money with your significant other, family, clients, or customers.
  • To shine a spotlight on the intersection of money and love, so you can heal your crisis of worthiness and create the prosperity that’s your birthright.

Start by Learning Your Money Personality Type

Take my money archetype quiz HERE.

Learn your money archetype and empower your relationship with money.


“Through the coaching process with Michelle, I can barely believe the changes that have occurred. I now make decisions from a place of self -trust and clarity. My new decisions open space and are changing the trajectory of my life. I am creating a life based on happiness rather than fear. I found my true voice and my relationships have been transformed and I have achieved unexpected results. I thought the coaching with Michelle was going to be only about money, but it is so much bigger! I feel like I’ve got my life back and there is so much opportunity for me. This has been an amazing process. I’m going to tell all my friends about Michelle, because this work is so powerful.”

Linda M.

New York, New York

“Michelle is a seriously gifted woman with a deep history in self-improvement and actualization. I’ve worked with many coaches over the years…Michelle Atlas is a cut above. She is seriously tuned-in, intuitive, and knowledgeable. She helped reveal some really interesting perceptions around money that explained tendencies in my life that went far beyond my bank account. If you haven’t taken her quiz yet it was majorly eye-opening for me in shining a light on the good (and bad) in how money impacts your life.”

Amanda Berlin

New York, New York

“Michelle’s teachings are LIFE CHANGING. I’ve been working one-on-one with Michelle for the past few months to identify my money archetype (I’m a Ruler) and uncover my money shadows. Our work together has released me from limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had. I truly didn’t think I had any issues with money. I’ve been making six figures since negotiating a $27,000 raise back in 2010. After I left that job to strike out on my own, I quickly ramped back up to six figures. And I’ve never looked back.
With Michelle’s expert help – and amazing intuitive guidance – I’ve learned that I was blocking myself in ways I didn’t even realize. Turns out six figures is only the beginning for me. My work with Michelle has given me the courage and confidence to go even BIGGER than I ever imagined. And it’s shown me how to use my natural money strengths to build the ideal business for me. It’s even helped me effectively talk money with my husband – no fighting or hurt feelings! – and make our marriage stronger than ever!”

Julie Weinen Withrow

Money Mastery, Reinvention, Resilience

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