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Michelle Atlas inspires strong, creative women to own their worth, so they can create sustainable businesses and empowered relationships around who they are.

She is a coach, a speaker and a writer.  With a huge transformational toolbox, laser focused intuition, the wisdom that is born through many initiations and years of spiritual practice, she’ll help you discover courage you did not know you have, so you can create change you never thought possible in your relationship to money, love and yourself.

Michelle is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Mentor Coach, a Newfield Certified Coach, a Certified Resiliency Facilitator, a Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach and an Interfaith Minister.

The Journey

Michelle’s passion for personal transformation began when she was 13 years old. She became curious why some friends and family members, when faced with adversity, reacted with resentment and anger, while others responded with optimism, reached out for support and learned meaningful life lessons.

Michelle experienced trauma as a child, yet she knew intrinsically, that the potential for deep joy and an authentic, love filled life existed within every human being. From a young age, she was fascinated by Eastern spirituality and determined she that she would, one day embody the peace and power she sensed lying dormant within her.

At 19, her quest led her to a yoga and meditation intensive, where her capacity to meditate was activated. Immediately, after graduating from college, she moved to the meditation community and lived and worked there for 12 years, (including 14 months in India).

She took to this lifestyle steeped in ancient Eastern spiritual wisdom and daily meditation practice like a fish to water. Immersion in daily spiritual practice, the family-like community and endless shared adventures fueled her lifelong commitment to forging an unshakable connection to herself.  Close to 40 years later, Michelle still meditates every day.

When it was time to move on, Michelle became a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional, and for 18 years, she coached people who were transitioning from a medically focused lifestyle, back to mainstream life and work. This work taught her a tremendous amount about the diverse ways that people navigate change.

It was 2008, when Michelle discovered the 30 years of self-funded resilience research of the late Dr. Al Siebert, in his book “The Resiliency Advantage”. Within Al’s findings she found answers to the questions she had been soul-searching to answer since adolescence, such as why some people not only survive, but thrive through challenge and others become embittered or depressed.

Her relationship with Al Siebert led to certification in his work as a Resiliency Facilitator. Invitations to teach Resilient Leadership Seminars to top level federal government leaders as adjunct faculty at retreat sites throughout the US, soon followed. Michelle now, certifies others in the work of Al Siebert, for the International Al Siebert Resiliency Center. She has experienced great satisfaction helping leaders strengthen their personal resilience and learn practices to cultivate resilient teams.

In 2012 Michelle’s passion for inspiring others to empower themselves, led her to receive additional training in multiple coaching modalities and ultimately to becoming a masterful transformational coach.

Around this same time, she experienced a profound personal loss, which she will always see as one of the best things that ever happened to her. When her world, as she knew it disappeared in a flash, she was catapulted toward a darkness within, unlike anything she’d ever experienced. After a lifetime of healing, self- reflection and personal growth, this pain was so deep and penetrating, that anything standing between her and an eyes wide open life were stripped away with gale force.

By facing courageously into this uncharted terrain, while holding fast to the present moment, she found herself swimming in a sea of aliveness that transformed the worst of times into the gift of a lifetime.

As she emerged, transformed by her loss, coaching offered the perfect vehicle for her to share the cumulative best of her training, life experiences and wisdom with the many amazing people she has been blessed to call her clients. Michelle’s ability to eloquently share the lessons that can only be learned in the school of life, is her greatest gift.

As a natural evolution of her work with women and couples in the arena of money mastery and generative communication, Michelle recently became licensed to officiate weddings and other sacred ceremonies.

Michelle helps her clients empower themselves in relationship to money, love (including self-love), their businesses and themselves.

Skillful coaching is the most effective tool Michelle knows, to unlock the prison of past conditioning and catapult one to reach their full potential. She knows, because she lives everything that she offers.

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