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Michelle Atlas, PCC is a Newfield Certified Coach, a Certified Resiliency Facilitator and Facilitator Mentor, a Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach and an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

She inspires strong, creative women to own their worth, so they can create sustainable businesses and meaningful relationships around the truth of who they are.  With a huge transformational toolbox, laser focused intuition and years of spiritual practice, she’ll help you discover courage you did not know you have, so you can create change you never thought possible in your relationship to money, love and yourself.

Multiple traumas followed by deep healing and transformation have taught Michelle to use every life experience as an asset.  She brings a rare presence, depth and wisdom to her work and relationships.  Michelle coaches, writes and speaks internationally on the psychology of money and living resiliently.

The Journey

Michelle’s passion for transformation began when she was 13 years old.

She and her best friend questioned why some friends and family members, when faced with adversity, reacted with resentment and anger, while others responded with optimism, reached out for support and learned meaningful life lessons.

Her fascination with Eastern spirituality began at age eight.  Although her childhood was fraught with trauma, from a young age Michelle believed that the core of every human being was love. This fueled her unrelenting determination to uncover the peace and power she sensed lying dormant within her.

At nineteen, her quest led her to a yoga and meditation intensive, where she learned to meditate. After graduating from college, she moved to the meditation community where she lived and worked for twelve years, fourteen months of which were spent in India.

Immersion in daily spiritual practice, the family-like community and endless exotic adventures nurtured her lifelong commitment to reclaiming her true self.  Michelle has been meditating for 40 years.

When it was time to move on, she became a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional, and for eighteen years she coached people who were transitioning from a medical model, back to mainstream life and work. Through this work she learned about the diverse ways that people navigate change.

In 2008, Michelle discovered the 30 years of self-funded resilience research of the late Dr. Al Siebert, in his book “The Resiliency Advantage”. Within Al’s discoveries, she found answers to the questions she had been soul-searching to answer since adolescence. She finally understood why some people not only survive but thrive through challenge and others become embittered or depressed. Michelle was the last person to receive Al Siebert’s personal blessings to become certified to facilitate his work before he passed in 2009.

For five years following Al’s passing, Michelle functioned as adjunct faculty, teaching Resilient Leadership seminars and coaching top level US federal government leaders at retreat sites across the US. She continues to speak and coach internationally on the topic of resilience and certifies others in Al Siebert’s work for the International Al Siebert Resiliency Center. She has certified Resiliency Facilitators in Singapore and Sweden and is a Center board member.

In 2012 Michelle’s passion for helping others align their businesses, careers and relationships with their deepest internal truth, inspired her to obtain multiple additional transformational coach certifications. The connection between women, self-worth and wealth, and helping women empower their relationship to money became another cornerstone to her coaching practice.

About this time, she experienced a profound personal loss. When her world as she knew it disappeared in a flash, she was catapulted toward a darkness within unlike anything she’d experienced. The pain she experienced ripped away anything standing between her and an eyes wide open life.  She was brought back to her essence, beneath the multitude of defenses she had concocted to survive. Michelle discovered an aliveness in the eye of the storm that transformed the worst of times into the gift of a lifetime.

As she emerged transformed by her loss and fortified by her new coaching skills, she channeled the new life moving through her into building a thriving transformational coaching and speaking practice.

Skillful coaching is the most effective tool Michelle knows to unlock the prison of past your conditioning, so you can reclaim your true self and live a truly discovered, empowered and impactful life.  She knows, because she embodies everything that she offers.

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