If you’re on a personal growth path, you’ve probably heard it said that “our greatest gifts exist within our deepest challenges.”

In times of struggle, I have always found this principle deeply comforting.

Yet, over the years many of my clients have asked me, what the heck does that really mean?”

I recently had a conversation with Joan that illustrates the truth of this principle beautifully….

Joan’s older brother bullied her constantly as a child. As a little girl, he didn’t understand why he didn’t seem to “like” her and why no matter what she did she could not please him.

Trying to please him kept her safe, and she grew up with an unrelenting longing to please others. For years, she twisted every which way to create harmonious relationships.

As an adult she found herself working in an environment where there are a lot of people who lack respectful people skills. She had been triggered frequently by coworkers who relate to her in a way that feels bullying. This was the most challenging circumstance she could find herself in (her darkness) because it mirrored her painful family pattern.

There is a fine line between your deepest darkness in your brightest light.

Her choices…
  1. To remain in the darkness of her conditioning and continue to bend over backwards to please, in a disempowered, childlike dynamic with others (more darkness).
  2. To become defensive and take a stand for herself by “fighting back” (the exact same thing as #1 in reverse… more darkness).


Her Transformation
  1. When Joan dug deep within, she discovered that it was her heartfelt desire to create authentic, loving connection with others (her light) that was driving her impulse to please.

Her deeper truth, which is to bring real love into difficult interpersonal dynamics, was begging to blossom. What a discovery!

Once Joan consciously understood this, her pain became the inspiration. She was able to shift from shrinking to please, to being a stand for nonviolent communication and love, even with the most challenging people.

The Same Principle Applies When It Comes to Money

Almost everybody I work with has repetitive money story that’s holding them back.

If you’ve tried empowering your relationship to money by following a prescribed set of “shoulds”, I’m guessing that sooner or later you found yourself back at square one, perhaps feeling even worse than when you began!

The good news is that we all have money gifts.  As in Joan’s story, when it comes to money, our greatest money gifts often show up hidden within our money challenges. 

That’s why we need tools and practices that can pierce through our early conditioning.

Just as Joan uncovered her gift as a stand for loving communication, understanding your money personality types will help you understand your unique money strengths hidden beneath the money pattern that is holding you back.

Most importantly, understanding your money archetypes will help you forgive yourself for what you could not have done differently, UNTIL NOW!

Where do you feel stuck in a downward pattern that shows up over and over again?

I assure you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is a beautiful gift in the heart of that pattern that holds your greatest power and your greatest impact.

When you find it, it will change your life and most likely, the lives of others :-)!

If you haven’t taken my money archetype quiz and you want to begin to understand your money personality types, you can take the quiz here now.

Surprise yourself. If not now when?

Much love, Michelle